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With reference to the following code snippet

xcopy D:\CBS_Upgrade\CBS2.2_DEV_B%CBSBuild%\DDLs-Lending Database\CBS-Upgrade\DDLs-Lending /S

I wanted to find out why the script is terminating and is not executing commands after that? Is there any way to fix it?

I know the file will not be there, but I wanted the script to go on to the next commands.

The message shown by xcopy is

File not found - DDLs-Lending
0 File(s) Copied.
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The simple solution is to use the /c switch, which instructs the xcopy command to ignore any errors. The full documentation for the xcopy command is available here on MSDN.

But Joey is right, batch files will continue executing, regardless of whether an individual command contained therein fails. So I'm not entirely sure what the problem you're trying to solve is.

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A batch file will continue even if a command fails. If you just want to suppress error output, then you can append 2>nul to the command.

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Batch files will terminate under windows if certain complex operations (such as piping) are being performed. For instance, the following command will terminate a batch file if awk does not exist:

awk -? | find "*****"
echo never gets here
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