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I have checked in SE80 and found package SWDP_DEMO where there is a Web Dynpro application DEMO_TABLE_WITH_TREE_BY_NST. I tried running the application to see the sample but once the browser opens, I think it goes into an infinite loop or something (I can hear a clicking sound that's similar to the sound of when you click a mouse) and it stays that way for some time wherein I can't click on anything. So I need to end the process manually.

I tried looking at the Web Dynpro component instead but it seems to be very complicated. Has someone been able to use this?

For reference sake of what I want to achieve in WDA, you can go to transaction DWDM and under the demos run the demo for Tree Controls > SAP Column Tree or just check program SAPCOLUMN_TREE_CONTROL_DEMO.

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if I follow the path Tree Controls > SAP Column Tree I can open this easily, it shows me a tree and I can use the demo .. did you try debugging the programm SAPCOLUMN_TREE_CONTROL_DEMO why it loops for you? –  zyrex Jan 15 '14 at 11:37

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