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I'm trying to put an activityIdicator on my miew. The problem is that it works just before passing to other view, not suddenly when I push the button which means : I push the button, I wait a lot of time, and finally activityIndicator appear just before passing to other view so in a short time. I used a thread but the result is same. Here is my code:

- (IBAction)pressCars{
[NSThread detachNewThreadSelector:@selector(threadStartAnimating) toTarget:self withObject:nil];
//...lots of computation...
[actIndicator stopAnimating];}`
- (void) threadStartAnimating {
[actIndicator startAnimating];


(IBAction) pressCars is linked with the putton I press, and also that button create the segue of the other view. The other view I pass with the same button is a tableView which get plist data from web. but it loads fast, without spending time. What can be the problem? Thanks.

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