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I got some sensible xml data I'd like to parse with Xerces (generated by CodeSynthesis).

On disc it is crypted so I load it, uncrypt it and ... I'm stuck as Xerces only takes files as input.

I have thought about overloading one of the 'readers' (ie. std::istream or xercesc::InputSource) and fake the disc reading but it seems as quirky as inelegant.

Are there any simpler and neater way to do this?


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You can use the MemBufInputSource class:

MemBufInputSource* pMemBufIS = new MemBufInputSource((const XMLByte*)sXmlContent.c_str(), sXmlContent.length(), "SysID", false);
delete pMemBufIS;

instead of

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That did it, thanks a bunch! – Valmond Mar 9 '12 at 10:09

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