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I just refactored a small part of a large project grown over years to have some methods accept a Collection where previously a List was required. for this, I had to rewrite some code à la

for (int i=0; i < someList.size(); i++) {
    SomeType element = someList.get(i);
    // ... more code not using i
    // or sometimes just: someMethod(/*other args */ someList.get(i));


for (SomeType element: someList) {
    // ... more code not using i

Since there are probably many more occurrences of this pattern, I wonder whether there is a way to automatically convert the old-style loop to the enhanced one, or at least report the loops that can be converted? (pmd:AvoidArrayLoops - we are using Sonar for code analysis - does something similar for arrays, but with a few false positives)

I could even imagine a regular expression might help, but do not consider myself well-versed enough to handle the part of establishing that the loop variable is only used in a get method of the list whose size is checked in the termination expression.

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I wouldn't waste time to do that. Collection.size() is defined, get() is not, the compiler will find the errors. –  vulkanino Mar 9 '12 at 9:22

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If you are using Eclipse:

  • Menu Window > Preferences, Java > Code Style > Clean Up.
  • Edit the profile
  • Tab Code Style
  • Control statements > Convert for loops to enhanced
  • Save (probably creating a new profile) and close the preferences

  • Create a Java project with your sources

  • Context menu of the source folder, Source > Clean Up...
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Ah...I feel stupid now. ;-) I vaguely remembered having seen such a feature somewhere, but did not suspect it to be right before my eyes. Thank you! –  arne.b Mar 9 '12 at 9:50

Eclipse is able to do this with its Clean Up feature.

Select the project you try to change. From the menu Source choose Clean Up... and the next to review the changes.

You will have to configure loop enhancing under code style.

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