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Is Cassandra's data stored only in the /var/lib/cassandra folder as mentioned in the cassandra.yaml file?

Or is there any other location where Cassandra data is stored?

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You can change the data storage location in the cassandra.yaml file, if you don't want data stored in /var/lib. See DataStax's Guide for Configuring Cassandra for a full explanation of the config file. In particular,

> commitlog_directory

The directory where the commit log will be stored. For optimal write performance, DataStax recommends the commit log be on a separate disk partition (ideally a separate physical device) from the data file directories.

> data_file_directories
The directory location where column family data (SSTables) will be stored.

They do recommend you put the commit log one disk and the actual data on a second disk to avoid running out of space.

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You may also want to specify a new path for saved_caches_directory, which is also in /var/lib by default. –  Bob B May 9 '14 at 12:42

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