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i want to scan datamatrix barcode.i am using XZing 1.7 and Zbar but they both did not support the data matrix scanning. In Zxing's DecodeHints.cpp class BARCODEFORMAT_DATA_MATRIX_HINT line is commented.i uncomment it but it did not work. i have googled and find this link http://groups.google.com/group/zxing/browse_thread/thread/b6e9a3fa4678ad2b/e3626055608ae075?lnk=gst&q=Data+matrix#e3626055608ae075 where mentioned that "They only thing you'd need to do for the DM decoder is enable it. It's not enabled by default " But i did not find from where i can enable it.

What should i do to scan data matrix.Is there any other library or update to these libraries available to get data matrix scanning work. Zxing support Datamatrix in java android but not in IPhone as for as i know.

Any help would be highly appreciated. Regards, Aamir

Please visit this link for an idea. I have asked the same question on this forum and I got specific replies.

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Look at the code in ScanTest. It has two #defines, for ZXQR and ZXAZ. You just need something very similar for DataMatrix substituting the appropriate class names.

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Yes smparkes is right , just make value of ZXAZ and ZXQR 0 and define another ZXDM flag

#ifndef ZXDM
#define ZXDM 1

#if ZXDM
#import "DataMatrixReader"

and in scanpressed method add

#if ZXDM
DataMatrixReader* DMReader = [[DataMatrixReader alloc] init];
[readers addObject:DMReader];
[DMReader release];

and you are done now it will scan DataMatrix code

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Check this site. http://www.libdmtx.org/ This is a open source data matrix decoding library written in C. You can check this link http://libdmtx.git.sourceforge.net/git/gitweb.cgi?p=libdmtx/dmtx-wrappers;a=blob_plain;f=cocoa/README;hb=HEAD. to get a quick look. See this app which uses Data matrix scanner to scan tickets

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