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This moment if user enter's correct username and password i just simply creating session:

$_SESSION['userid'] = $user_data[0]->id;
$_SESSION['username'] = $user_data[0]->username);
$_SESSION['loggedin'] = true;

After that, with $_SESSION['loggedin'] i can check if user can view part of website or not.

Is this method 'good/safe' ?

  • Any benefit's using cookies based and session based authentication ?
  • Which method most common site's using ?
  • What you guys using for your sites ?
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Have a look at this great answer from Joel Coehoorn on this page . Most of your questions are answered in this post.

Web authentication state - Session vs Cookie vs?

I hope this will help.


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Actually that answer is a bit misleading. You can hijack a session by stealing cookies (and threat can be danger depending upon how session is implemented). –  itachi Mar 9 '12 at 12:14

If you are using any framework, then most framework comes with authentication library.

And for other purposes you can use phpseclib (a security library....). Its still in beta stage. I have tried it. Sounds promising.

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