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c# offers a nice way to document your c#-code. But I don´t find any nice viewer. I search something like the java-doc-viewer in eclipse. This viewer allows you to browse in the java-doc just by moving your mouse over eg. a class-name.

Does someone know a good extension for Visual Studio 2010 that contains such a viewer?

I have the "Productivity Power Tools"-Extension installed. But it hasn´t a real doc-viewer either.

Edit: Here is a picture of what I search: Example of java-doc-vieser in Eclipse

And this is the best I can find for VisualStudio: Doc-Viewer of Productivity Power Tools

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You try using CR_Documentor, if you don't mind installing Code Rush (alone for that purpose; you only need the free "DXCore" actually, checkout the project's homepage for more information).

Note that this tool doesn't require a prior generation of the documentation using tools like Sandcastle. It works by simply placing your cursor in a API comment block, e.g. that of a method.

Obviously, this has some drawbacks, for example, links to other items (e.g. <see/> or <seealso> will be rendered as a link, but don't work as such).

This is what it looks like:

enter image description here

I was using it once, way back when it was still maintained by the original author Lutz Roeder, and it did it's job well. I have not been using it since.

Update: You could also use ReSharper, which provides a "Quick Documentation" feature.

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The Quick Documentation of ReSharper looks quite good. Thanks! –  Lukas Mar 9 '12 at 10:49

There isn't any built-in tool in VS for viewing the documentation of your code. You have to generate the documentation pages from the XML doc, using external tools.

Free tools:

  • Sandcastle is the most well known, it has a lot of features, but it doesn't seem to be maintained any more and it's quite difficult to use (although Sandcastle Help File Builder makes it significantly easier, and is still maintained).
  • docu is simpler to use, but not specific to .NET
  • Monodoc (from the Mono project)

Commercial tools:

  • VSdocman
  • Document! X
  • Doc-O-Matic
  • ForgeDoc: this one is quite new and looks very promising: very lightweight, simple to use, fast, good-looking output... It's also much cheaper than the others above
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You might want to add a hint, that some tools (e.g. VSdocman as it looks), don't actually require a prior generation of documentation to show it in Visual Studio (which is what the OP seems to be looking for). –  Christian.K Mar 9 '12 at 10:13

You can use NDoc to build the API documentation and generate help files (typically HTML files)


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NDoc is more or less dead, or "stale" (the latest what's new update on their homepage is from 2005) - unfortunately, as some might say. Also, I doubt there ever was an "instant-viewer" for VS. –  Christian.K Mar 9 '12 at 10:02

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