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I want to develop a WP7 application. In this one, I would like to get video from youtube. For example, videos of a channel. So, I know, I need youtube API, but I don't find a simple example to subscribe a channel and receive the latest video...

Is it possible ?

Thanks in advance , have a nice day !

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possible duplicate of Possible to play Youtube video in a wp7 app? – Filburt Mar 9 '12 at 10:17
Hello Filburt, it"s not the same question, I want to subscribe to a channel directly from my app. – Mustafa E. Mar 9 '12 at 10:21

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I think there are simple RSS feeds for each channel... If there are no RSS feeds, parse the HTML feed (e.g.

To play youtube videos, see

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Thank you Rico, I will check that – Mustafa E. Mar 11 '12 at 8:15

WP7 currently doesn't have a standard media layer for YouTube videos and you need the YouTube app in order to be able to play those. Unless you want to work on a low level with the encoding format used by YouTube, but then again - you would have to implement a decoding service.

To play a youtube Video you need to use the WebBrowserTask and open the target URL in the browser; if the youtube app is installed, it will play, if not installed, it will prompt the user to install and then play.

How to subscribe ?

I don't think if it's possible to make that directly from your app...

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Thank you for your response Francesco, I will check that – Mustafa E. Mar 9 '12 at 10:25

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