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I am having an issue where composite child controls are encoding strings to HTML. I have a child control button that is set like so:

b.OnClientClick = "$('#pic').rotateRight();";

the trouble with this is when the composite control is rendered to a web page the source displays:

onclick="$('#pic').rotateRight();" />

Obviously I don't want ', I want to have apostrophes ' , nothing I seem to try works, it always comes out encoded. This is required to get some basic jquery functionality working. Any workarounds?

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Here's a solution

Apparently it will still work with the HTML encoding, which makes sense, though I've not tested this myself.

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I would like to just say my composite control that was encoding the values, worked despite being encoded. So my solution was that I didn't realise that composite control handled the encoded apostrophes correctly. – RiggleBits Mar 14 '12 at 21:54

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