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I am a beginner to the Javascript MVC framework Knockout.js

Coming from conventional Javascript (and some jQuery experience), I am having difficulties in understanding the syntax learning Knockout.js

Consider the statments below;

The View:

<ul class="folders" data-bind="foreach: folders">
<li data-bind="text: $data, 
               css: { selected: $data == $root.chosenFolderId() },
               click: $root.goToFolder"></li></ul>

View Model:

function WebmailViewModel() {
    // Data
    var self = this;
    self.folders = ['Inbox', 'Archive', 'Sent', 'Spam'];
    self.chosenFolderId = ko.observable();

    // Behaviours    
    self.goToFolder = function(folder) { self.chosenFolderId(folder); };    

Could you please explain me what the statements do (specifically $data, $root) ? Also what does the statement self.chosenFolderId(folder); does ?

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The $data and $root keywords are typically used by KO. When you use the foreach on array ( data-bind), KO creates one <li> for each element in the array.

In this case, $data is the current item of array (like folders[i]) and $root is the parent element. For you, folders is a field of your ViewModel : $data = current folders on the iteration (viewModel.folder[i]) $root = viewModel

self.chosendFolderId(folder) execute you viewModel chosenFolderId method. The code use self to keep the viewModel value because in the function the keyword "this" isn't the viewModel but the method's sender. It's a closure.

Edit : The $parent key word is the tree's previus level. The $root key word is the top tree's level.

viewModel {
  topObjects : ko.observableArray()

  Objects : ko.observableArray()

If we create a foreach on viewModel.topObjects.Objects, the $parent is topObjects, $root is viewModel.

Thanks Tjorriemorrie ;-)

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Isn't $parent the parent and $root the root? –  Tjorriemorrie Mar 15 '12 at 4:23
I correct my post. Thanks a lot. –  Cedric Mar 22 '12 at 10:39

Answering your question about self.chosenFolderId(folder)

It writes value to chosenFolderId observable. The value of argument "folder" is actually current value of $data.

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If you try to change reference from self to this ( which is the same thing) in the provided code , then the selection css doesn't work. Does anybody know why ?

this.goToFolder = function(folder) { this.chosenFolderId(folder); };   
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