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I am trying to build a small applet that provides some 3d functionality into a website, and i have selected Ardor3D as it seems to tick the boxes. I have just started going with Java, and everything I have learnt so far has been from the examples files which has been enough to this point. The program is distributed by a JNLP file, that downloads the classes and defines how it starts, but I was wondering how to run it as an applet, so the 3d image output would be displayed in its rectangle at its position in a web browser window?

Thank You

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Ardor3D has examples of running as an applet. Your game code will be the same as when running as a standalone app, but you extend an applet class instead. See for example the LwjglBoxApplet.

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thank you, i feel silly for not seeing that sooner –  topherg Mar 9 '12 at 23:48
Rather use this example at the one above has been removed from JogAmp's Ardor3D Continuation: github.com/gouessej/Ardor3D/blob/master/ardor3d-examples/src/… –  gouessej Aug 4 '14 at 10:08

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