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Is it possible to get provider from database driver (DSN). I got list of all odbc dsn and from the driver can i derive provider information? whats the relation between driver and provider. Also how can i check whether sqlserver is the back end or mysql

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As far as my (basic) knowledge goes, ODBC uses drivers and OLE DB uses providers. You can extract the driver name from an ODBC DSN using the OdbcConnection class and the provider name from an OLE DB connection using the OleDbConnection class.

As for telling the difference between MSSQL and MySQL, you can make the choice part of your installation/setup process or try executing a query that is specific to each platform. The best answer probably depends on which ORM or DAL you're using.

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What i mean is when you create DSN using control panel you point to a database. it can be msaccess or sqlserver. So how do i check programatically it points to sql or mysql. –  arjun Mar 9 '12 at 15:46
As I said, you can retrieve the driver name from the DSN. There are lots of examples including driver names here: connectionstrings.com –  Pondlife Mar 16 '12 at 8:47

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