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i want to hava a RibbonGallery in my menue (like this). This is my code:

    <r:RibbonGallery SelectedValue="Green" SelectedValuePath="Content" MaxColumnCount="1">
            <r:RibbonGalleryItem Content="Green" Foreground="Green" />
            <r:RibbonGalleryItem Content="Blue" Foreground="Blue" />
            <r:RibbonGalleryItem Content="Orange" Foreground="Orange" />

And this is my Exception:

RibbonGroupsPanel RegisterStarLayoutProvider and UnregisterStarLayoutProvider accepts only IProvideStarLayoutInfo instances.

Parametername: starLayoutInfoProvider

Can you please help me?

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If you are using the Microsoft Ribbon then doesn't look like it's possible to put the gallery directly in a RibbonGroup as you are trying to do. Your link points to the Telerik control that does allow this. With the Microsoft Ribbon can only attached a gallery to a RibbonMenuButton or one of it's sublasses. See the related question/answer here.

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