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i would like to get the time difference between the time in different timezone for my wp7 App.I have tried to convert both of the time to UTC. But I cant convert the time in another zone.Ican convert system's time only.I am getting the input time with timwzone(for eg: 2012-03-09, 3:02AM PST).Please give me the solution As early as possible.

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Unfortunately, starting off with the local time is problematic - because a local time can be ambiguous (or even invalid). You'd need to decide what to do in that situation.

Once you've got a UTC time, you can call TimeZoneInfo.GetUtcOffset on both time zones, and subtract one offset from the other.

In terms of the original conversion to UTC... you can call GetUtcOffset with the "local" DateTime (by which I mean a DateTime with a Kind of Unspecified, not Local), then create a DateTime by subtracting the offset from the local time, and making the kind Utc. Note that the GetUtcOffset call assumes standard time if the local time is ambiguous.

Of course, before you do any of this, you need to get the relevant TimeZoneInfo objects for your two time zones. Do you have those? If you could say exactly what your input values and types are, and how you want to handle ambiguity, I could probably whip up a method to do this... (I'd prefer to do it in my Noda Time library, but that isn't available in Silverlight yet...)

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Hi Jon,My Pblm still not solved.Can u tell me how can we convert client side time( for example: Date: 2012-03-12, 2:37AM PDT)to UTC or to local time.Actually my Pblm is to take the difference between client side time and local system's time both are in defferent timezone. –  ishaan Mar 12 '12 at 10:00
@ishaan: You haven't provided any more information though, which means I can't really give you any more help. What have you tried, what are your requirements etc? –  Jon Skeet Mar 12 '12 at 10:02

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