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How can i make devise paths unavailable. Now i have all forms for registration, authorization and password restore on one page.

Here are my routes

devise_for :users, :controllers => { :passwords => "passwords", :registrations => "registrations" }, :path => 'accounts', :path_names => { :sign_in => 'login', :sign_up => 'new', :sign_out => 'logout'}

so if i enter something like accounts/new in url, i will get to devise sign up page. Is it possible to make all devise pages unavailable? I should get RoutingError or MissingTemplate for example if i enter either of the devise routes.

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Just skip the parts you don't want:

devise_for :users,
  :controllers => {
    :passwords => "passwords",
    :registrations => "registrations" },
  :path => 'accounts',
  :path_names => { 
    :sign_in => 'login',
    :sign_up => 'new', 
    :sign_out => 'logout'},
  :skip => [:passwords, :registrations, :sessions]
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That's it. Finally i skipped these controllers and added only post put and delete routes. Thanks –  RomanKapitonov Mar 9 '12 at 15:56

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