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Using everyauth on a Express/Cradle/CouchDB/Coffee-SCript stack, I am interested in finding out how to generate the req.user helper in express, through the

everyauth.everymodule.findUserById (userId, callback) ->

function. Don't mind the coffee script, I can handle raw JS ;) Anyhow, there is a persistent session store CouchDB like this:

exp = require 'express'
sessionDB = require('connect-couchdb')(exp)

... snip ... 

app.use exp.session {secret: 'softw', store: new sessionDB({
        host: config.sessionDBHost,
        name: config.sessionDBName,  
        reapInterval: 600000, 
        compactInterval: 300000})}

I do have access to the req.session.auth object, but I would like to get the req.user done as well. How would I access the session store from within the findUserById function?

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I've done similar with Express, everyauth and CouchDB but I'm storing user data (aside from user session) in couch so my .findUserById() gets stored user from CouchDB. Are you also storing user records in Couch? –  Skelly Mar 10 '12 at 1:03
i have not yet extended user functionality beyond a simple twitter oauth login. would you care to explain a bit how this can be done? does everyauth have built-in components for that, i think i read that "somewhere".. –  arvidkahl Mar 10 '12 at 16:24

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