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I would like to detect if the phone running my Android application uses hardware buttons or virtual buttons (Galaxy Nexus).

Is there a way to get this information?

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Since API level 14 you can use ViewConfiguration.hasPermanentMenuKey() to detect if a device has a permanent menu key.

Generally, virtual and physical buttons are mutually exclusive, so this would help you. Example:

public class MyActivity extends Activity {

    // ...
    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        boolean hasPermanentMenuKey = ViewConfiguration.get(this).hasPermanentMenuKey();
        boolean hasVirtualKeys = !hasPermanentMenuKey;
        String message = hasVirtualKeys ? "This device has virtual menu keys" : "This device has physical keys";
        Toast.makeText(this, message, Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();
    // ...


WARNING: There are some cases in which this won't help you. For example, say a manufacturer decides to use virtual keys along with physical menu keys; then this method wouldn't help you. Another case would be if the phone has no virtual keys and no physical menu key (e.g. Samsung S5).

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ViewConfiguration.hasPermanentMenuKey() returns false on Samsung S5 but the phone has no virtual keys. I don't think this is a proper way to check for virtual keys any longer. –  tomrozb Apr 4 at 12:58
You're right. The S5 has no physical menu key but has no virtual buttons either, so boolean hasVirtualKeys = !hasPermanentMenuKey; is no longer valid. I've updated my answer with a warning regarding this. –  Christian García Apr 7 at 9:31

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