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In an rails application, users can create events and post an url to link to the external event site.

How do I sanitize the urls to prevent XSS links?

Thanks in advance,

example of XSS, which is not preventable by rails' sanitize method

@url = "javascript:alert('XSS')"
<a href="<%=sanitize @url%>">test link</a>
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Try sanitizing once the href is already in a tag like:

url = "javascript:alert('XSS')"
sanitize link_to('xss link', url)

This gives me:

<a>xss link</a>
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You can use Rails' sanitize method for some basic restriction.

Or you can use rgrove's sanitize gem for more options.

Hope this helps.

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@url = "javascript:alert('XSS')" <a href="<%=sanitize @url%>">xss link</a> does not work. i should reflect in my question that i have already tested the rails' sanitize method. – rickypai Mar 10 '12 at 5:47
rgrove's sanitize gem is really nice if you need more control than the built-in Rails sanitize gives you. Either way, like Ben's answer points out, you need to sanitize the html for the entire link, not just the URL itself. – antinome Nov 6 '13 at 16:40

This vulnerability has been fixed since 3.2.13, 3.1.12, 2.3.18 .

The following link also provides a patch you can use in earlier versions.


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sanitize works with html strings, not urls. meaning, you can't sanitize an URL itself, but you can sanitize a piece of html which has a link with an malicious url. for example

<%= sanitize "<a href='#{@url}'>Things</a>" %>

That will clean your link of all known malicious attributes

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