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Is there a tool to automatically search through my site and test all the links? I hate running across bad urls.

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Xenu link sleuth is excellent (and free)

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If I were you, I'd check out the W3C Link Checker.

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Something like this should work: http://www.dead-links.com/

Do google searches for "404 checker" or "broken link checker"

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I used Xenu's Link Sleuth in the past. It will crawl your site and tell you which links point to nowhere. It is not super fancy but it works.


The Wikipedia page lists a whole bunch of other products.

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Can take a long time to go through a large web site (I archived a 250MB website and it took approximately 2 hours - it wasn't local though) It has a log so you should be able to track 404s easily.

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Also check out Google's webmaster tools.


They give you the ability to see the 404's that GoogleBot discovers when crawling your website (along with lots and lots of other stuff).

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