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I've developed a model, which plays up to 10 tracks with a number of clips on each using AVFoundation. Still I don't like the performance and sound corruption in deed.

I read documentation of Core Audio and tried out some samples. Some plays only 1 file using AU Generator (AudioFilePlayer subtype). Those samples where 2 files are playing use MultichannelMixer and custom buffers to render audio data.

Could I use MultichannelMixer and connect multiple Generators (AudioFilePlayer) to its nodes? Or the best way is to render data by myself?

Thanks in advance!

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Did you ever find an answer to this question? I'm trying to play back two files via two separate AudioFilePlayer AUs but it's not working. –  Nick Jan 5 '13 at 17:56
No, I don't. I stacked on that implementation. The thing is, you don't need to use AudioFilePlayer to play 2 files. You have to get data of each audio file and mix it using MultichannelMixer. –  velkopopovizky Jan 6 '13 at 0:43
Right, I'm feeding my filePlayer units into the mixer. The filePlayer units seems simpler to implement than opening the file, filling buffers and doing it all 'manually'. I received some tips I'm going to try out later tonight. I'll let you know if they work. –  Nick Jan 6 '13 at 2:34

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