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I have set the url: property of my jqgrid table to some server address from where it fetching the total data. Now rowNum i have set to 50 .

Now suppose length of the data which is being fetched by ajax call is 130. But at the first time it is displaying 50 records. when i am scrolling down and reach at the 50 th position it is not showing the next records, even though all the data was fetched at a shot.

In my json string

total:1 (which signifies total no of pages)
page:1  (current page to be displayed)
records: 130 (total no records)

here the rownum propety is 50. so i think after reaching 50 again it is giving the server call through the url set in the url property. but i am not changing the total, page, records of json string (which i dont want to change), so it is not taking any effect. i changed the total to 3 (130/50= 3 pages) but with no avail.

I want to restrict this ajax call on scroll down and want the rest of the data to get populated from the data that was pulled by the first ajax call as it is having all the records.

I understood that probably the above could be done by an event which would be bound the scroll bar, when the scroll bar reaches at the 50th position this event will be triggered. this will restrict the ajax call throufgh url and populate the grid table with data that is already available. please help me.

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so much text.... – 3nigma Mar 9 '12 at 14:55
please suggest how to break the lines so that it could be convenient for you to read – Debaprasad Jana Mar 9 '12 at 15:41
i have broken the lines for you but that was not totally the issue, share the relevant code and then ask question about the problem related to that code... – 3nigma Mar 9 '12 at 18:12

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