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We conntect our ViewModels with our Views via the Caliburn Framework.

Now I need to generate a ListBox dynamically via codebehind. Something like this:

this.LayoutRoot.Children.Add(new ListBox() { Width = 800, ... });

Currently I declare this ListBox explicitly in the Xaml. Because I use Caliburn for placing dialogs, we have a

<silverlightToolkit:TransitioningContentControl caliburn:View.Model="{Binding ViewModel}" />

within this ListBox. How to generate this one? And the most important question: am I able to attatch the caliburn:View.Model property? Like I did it with the Width property on the ListBox? This TransitioningContentControl is nested in the DataTemplate of the ListBoxItem. Is it even possible to generate this via codebehind?

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The answer in my codebehind looked like this:

var content = new TransitioningContentControl();
var newBinding = new Binding
                         // ...
content.SetBinding(View.ModelProperty, newBinding);

One has to insert using Caliburn.Micro;, though.

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