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I have a sortable jQuery UI unordered list (UL), so that the user can click and drag items (LI) from one list to another, thus choosing the order of their journey.

How would I use localStorage to save the order of the contents of the UL, and then display this in my site footer for the duration of their journey?

Many thanks in advance. I have searched, but couldn't find any advice.

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You'd have to assign each element an identifier - position that it holds in the list. While moving, change that value (for example you can use 'rel' for that)

Localstorage would hold something like:

1 - firstEl
2 - thirdEl
3 - secondEl

Whereas list would look like:

 <li id="firstEl" rel="1">..</li>
 <li id="thirdEl" rel="2">..</li>
 <li id="secondEl" rel="3">..</li>
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