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I want to use quad for a list of limits without a for loop. As a basic example

T=[1 2 3];

Calculate what I need, but I want to save quad(0,T(1),f) quad(0,T(2),f) quad(0,T(3),f) as a vector. Probably, it is a basic thing but I couldn't find any solution. I'm thankful for any help,

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Use arrayfun:

T=[1 2 3];
Q = arrayfun(@(x) quad(f,0,x), T);

*Note that your post has the arguments to quad in an incorrect order.

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I like arrayfun, and use it a lot - but remember that in cases like this (where the function is complicated) that really all you're doing is hiding the for loop. –  Edric Mar 9 '12 at 16:59

This is only here for variety. You could try this Matlab Central entry. As stated on the posting, it's the only vectorized numerical method like this I've seen.

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