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i have two boxes. both are floating to left. both the boxes have a function such that when a box is clicked, it hides. now the problem is that when box 1 is clicked, box 2 moves to take its place, that's the problem. i don't want the box 2 to move even a bit. Please help! here's a demo or your understanding - http://jsfiddle.net/VdpJn/

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The first box's onclick should read, $(this).css("visibility", "hidden");

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but the problem is that i am using the toggle function... –  MaSK Mar 9 '12 at 15:37
Unfortunately, "display: none" removes the related element from the rendering process completely, which is not the case with "visibility: hidden" - the former retains the box used by the element but does not render its contents. You could easily write your own function to handle toggling using the "visibility" property in place of "display". –  Alexander Pavlov Mar 9 '12 at 15:41
ya i did it...i wrote a manual toggle function...and thanks for help....:)... –  MaSK Mar 9 '12 at 15:49
Glad it helped! –  Alexander Pavlov Mar 9 '12 at 15:50


        <div class="box" onclick="$(this).css('visibility', 'hidden')">Box 1</div>
        <div class="box" onclick="$(this).css('visibility', 'hidden')" >Box 2</div>
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