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I have test methods decorated with a DataSource attribute like:

"Test Case#", DataAccessMethod.Sequential), 

with the test case number in MTM replacing "Test Case#". I'm trying to get that number within the unit test but TestContext.DataRow.Table.TableName is always "Table1". Can anyone tell me how to get the real value?

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Unless I'm wrong, the "TestCase#" cannot be replaced by MTM, so propably you have manually added it in all your DataSource attributes.

This value is constant. Why don't you add a constant variable to your TestClass and then use it on both the DataSourceAttribute and your TestMethod?

You can also access the DataSourceAttribute directly:

public class TestClass
    public DataSourceAttribute DataSource
            return (DataSourceAttribute)Attribute.GetCustomAttribute(typeof(TestClass).
                GetMethod("TestMethod"), typeof(DataSourceAttribute));

        "Test Case#", DataAccessMethod.Sequential), TestMethod]
    public void TestMethod()
        string TestCaseId = DataSource.TableName;
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Yes I've manually added it. I am having to do it that way at the moment, but I'd much prefer to declare it once in the datasource and then have it accessible in the TestContext. Am I right in thinking that TestContext.DataRow.Table.TableName should be populated? –  NickL Mar 15 '12 at 20:43
Yes, I also tried it and the TableName was always "Table1". Check my edited answer if this will help you. However, I still believe that it's more easy if you use a constant variable. –  Schaliasos Mar 19 '12 at 14:50

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