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maybe i'm just not seeing it, but i'd like a way to "inject" the value for branch (externally somehow) for a set of predefined build projects.

we have builds configured for Project1, Project2 and Project3. But at any time, the projects may take from a different branch, based on merge schedules. i'd like to store the Project=>branch mapping in either an external file or database, then dynamically inject it into the config file when we do a ForceBuild.

The following block is used in all 3 project config files, which are referenced at the bottom (end) of the cnet.config file.

<cb:define name="cvs-block">
    <sourcecontrol type="cvs">
        <executable>c:\Program Files (x86)\cvsnt\cvs.exe</executable>
        <branch>[SOME EXTERNALLY DYNAMIC VALUE]</branch>
        <timeout units="minutes">20</timeout>

<cb:include href="D:\CruiseBuild\ACME-project1.xml" xmlns:cb="urn:ccnet.config.builder" />
<cb:include href="D:\CruiseBuild\ACME-project2.xml" xmlns:cb="urn:ccnet.config.builder" />
<cb:include href="D:\CruiseBuild\ACME-project3.xml" xmlns:cb="urn:ccnet.config.builder" />
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Just generate a file (injectpath.config) with a defined value:

<cb:define branchpath="yourpath"/>

...and then include it into your config file shown above at the top.

Change your [SOME DYNAMIC VALUE] to $(branchpath).

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