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I want to use a sketch written with PDE as a background to a webpage. Is this possible?

I tried using the sketch.pde file in this css code but no joy:

html {
background: url(sketch.pde) no-repeat center center fixed;



I set the canvas up like this:

<canvas id="twit" data-processing-sources="twit.pde"

And then refer to the canvas in the .css using the -moz-element:

{background: -moz-element(#twit) no-repeat;}
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From what I know, .pde is a text file not an image file. Therefore it won't work as a background. The only ways I've seen pde displayed are with the canvas HTML element and a java applet but I have no experience doing it myself. This other SO question might be able to help out with making the canvas appear to be a background along with checking out the source of the processing-js main page to find out how they put it into the element.

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Thanks Sparrow. You got me on the right track. I've now cracked it! Code in the original question –  Oliver Burdekin Mar 10 '12 at 1:00

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