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I have been struggling with this for ever and it's making me pull my hair out!

I've got a slider on this home page and I'm trying to figure out how to add a "click to pause" feature to it. (and perhaps a click to resume too, haha)

I believe this is the code generating the slider

    var $featured_content = jQuery('#featured #slides'),
    et_featured_slider_auto = jQuery("meta[name=et_featured_slider_auto]").attr('content'),
    et_featured_auto_speed = jQuery("meta[name=et_featured_auto_speed]").attr('content');

if ($featured_content.length){
    var et_featured_options = {
        timeout: 2000,
        speed: 500,
        cleartypeNoBg: true,
        prev:   '#featured a#featured-left', 
        next:   '#featured a#featured-right',
        pager:  '#controllers',
    if ( et_featured_slider_auto == 1 ) et_featured_options.timeout = et_featured_auto_speed;

    $featured_content.cycle( et_featured_options );

Then I've added a simple button with ID="pauseButton" and put it above the slider. I've also got this code for that button

$('#pauseButton').click(function() {

But it doesn't actually pause the slideshow? I believe it's using the cycle plugin from and I pulled the pause code from

Where am I going wrong?!

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Your script is using jQuery.noConflict(), that causes the $ variable to be reverted back to what it was before jQuery was included. Try replacing all occurences of $() with jQuery().

jQuery('#pauseButton').click(function() {
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Wow, I would give you a big wet kiss if I could! You're a life saver :) – Xhynk Mar 9 '12 at 19:09

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