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I'm making a little game using the ANDengine library,so I'm trying to set a text color to draw with changeableText(), but it seems that it doesn't accept html format or RGB, and it uses a system based on 4 colors, where every color must be under one!! does any one now wich system does ANDengine uses?

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Simply divide your R, G and B numbers into 255 and set that to the color constructor. for example with the RGB = (255, 0, 25) you should use this color: new Color(1f, 0, 0.1f) the fourth number (or maybe the first one) must be transparency.

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it works and give the same red, thanks, but where I can find the information of how this conversion works to convert other colors!! –  Pedro Teran Mar 9 '12 at 19:15
thanks for the info I've already found the conversion system and already everything is working fine. –  Pedro Teran Mar 9 '12 at 19:33
extract solution. what i want. thanks –  JohnRaja Feb 12 at 7:23

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