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I'm building a guessing game with Strings. The concept is pretty simple. I have a limited number of tries defined by a Java constant(C_Max_Trials = 10) and when the number of guesses reaches this constant the app should exit. The only thing is that I have to use this constant, this being part of my university assignment.

My problem is that Java won't consider my statements:

if (nrOfGuesses == C_Max_Trials) {
           System.out.println("Sorry you are out of tries");

If I put

nrOfGuesses == 0 

it will work just fine. If I let

nrOfGuesses == C_Max_Trials 

then it will not stop at 10 guesses and it will move on to guesses no -1,-2,-3.... continuing with the loop.

I'm attaching my code below. Also if you have any other feedback regarding the code it would be appreciated. I'm just starting with coding.

Thanks !

My code is:

    public class Assignment4 {
    public static final int C_Max_Trials = 10; 
    //Start Game

    String correctName = "X";
    boolean finished = false;
    int nrOfGuesses=10;

    while (!finished) {

    Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(; 
    System.out.print("Please guess the name: "); 
    String name = keyboard.nextLine();

        if (name.equals(correctName))
        finished = true;
        System.out.println("Congratulations! You have guessed the name in "
                + nrOfGuesses+ " tries!");

       if (nrOfGuesses == C_Max_Trials) {
           System.out.println("Sorry you are out of tries");

           System.out.println("Sorry, you haven't guessed the name. You have "+
                nrOfGuesses + " left. Please try again:");

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You're omitting some things here. What are you leaving out? –  Ryan Amos Mar 9 '12 at 19:01
A post with a class called Assignment4 should definitely be tagged as homework. –  Michael Easter Mar 9 '12 at 19:01

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If nrOfGuesses starts at 10 and then only gets decremented... how do you expected it to be equal to 10? (Barring overflow...)

You need to decide whether nrOfGuesses is meant to be:

  • The number of guesses left: start it at the constant, decrement it on each step, and compare with 0
  • The number of guesses you've had: start it at 0, increment it, and compare with the constant
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You're counting down (--nrOfGuesses) from 10.

Count up (nrOfGuesses++) from 0 to C_Max_Trials or count down from C_Max_Trials instead of the hardcoded 10.

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public static final int C_Max_Trials = 10;

You start trials at 10 and go down, so it's never equal to max trials. Try setting max trials to 0 or start trials at 0 and make it go up.

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Your code seems to want to force termination when number of guesses reaches the maximum number of guesses, but you start at 10 guesses and decrement in your loop.

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Your code doesn't compile. And C_Max_Trials is initialized to 10, not 0. So obviously, it will not stop at 0.

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Your logic is backwards; you're decrementing nrOfGuesses and then comparing it with the maximum amount of guesses that you're allowed. In this case, you should either be incrementing nrOfGuesses or comparing it to zero and setting it to C_Max_Trials at the start.

If I were you, I'd opt for incrementing nrOfGuesses and comparing it to C_Max_Trials, since that makes nrOfGuesses hold a value that makes sense to its name (it holds the number of guesses). Otherwise, you'd be holding the number of guesses remaining with that variable, and then it should be renamed to guessesRemaining or something like that.

Certainly, if you wish to use nrOfGuesses as you do in the part where you inform the user how many tries (s)he took to correctly guess, then it should be incremented each loop, not decremented.

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