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Let's say I want to make a wiki of addresses, using a Template:Address. How do I make it so that, if someone goes to a new page — e.g. myaddresswiki.com/John_Smith — to add their address, it automatically includes my Template:Address in the page?

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I just did it this way:

if( $("#wpTextbox1").val() == ""){
     $("#wpTextbox1").val("This content is generated from 'MediaWiki:Common.js'\rPlease use a template by typing into the Search field 'Template:'.  From there, your available templates will be visible from the auto-complete options.");

Of course, you could hard-code a template (or anything) into the val argument.

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See Manual:Creating pages with preloaded text at mediawiki.org.

If you're manually creating edit links for your users to add the new pages, you can just include a preload=SomePageName parameter in the URL.

Alternatively, you can use one of the extensions that automate parts of the process for you (typically either by generating the appropriate links and/or automatically selecting a preload template based on the page title), or even write your own using the EditFormPreloadText hook.

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