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I have a rails 2.3.10 app, from some reason some of my users are getting the following error:

ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken: ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken

full trace here

i've looked around and saw suggestions to add skip_before_filter :verify_authenticity_token to the application_controller.

i've added it and and still no luck, still some of the users (not all of them) receive the error.

any ideas?

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This is a security feature of Rails to keep other sites from being able to post arbitrary data to your site.

You can read more about it here: How does Rails CSRF protection work?

Is this a post from a form on your site? Or an ajax request? You need to make sure you are either posting an authenticity token hidden field, or using rails.ujs and the csrf_meta_tag.

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I've just run in a similar problem and it turned out that I have accidentally placed ( in application.js )

the //= require turbolinks before //= require jquery_ujs

wish cause me the same kind of error… Maybe this could help someone else having this kind of issues….

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