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I'm using a vim plugin and when I want to look up a function under the cursor in the online api docs, I type '\da'

Here's the vimscipt code for the keymapping:

nnoremap <buffer> <LocalLeader>dda :silent call <SID>OpenURL('http://api.drush.ws/api/function/')<CR><C-L>

When the command is run, it writes the standard output from the shell into the current vim buffer, so the phrase: "Created new window in existing browser session." will be written into the current buffer.

Also here's the openurl function:

  function s:OpenURL(base)
     let open = b:Drupal_info.OPEN_COMMAND
     if open == ''
     let func =  shellescape(expand('<cword>'))
     if a:base == 'api.d.o'
       if strlen(b:Drupal_info.CORE)
         execute '!' . open . ' http://api.drupal.org/api/search/' .
         \ b:Drupal_info.CORE . '/' . func
         execute '!' . open . ' http://api.drupal.org/' . func
       execute '!' . open . ' ' . a:base . func

How do I fix this/redirect stdout?

(I'm using ubuntu/gnome.)


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I do not see anything that will put command output into the current buffer. But if you don’t want to observe command output at all, you can do one of two things:

  1. Put silent in front of each ! (note: you must have the space after silent) and add redraw! command just before endfunction.
  2. Replace every execute '!'.<...> with call system(<...>) (in this case having newline in arguments is much likely to cause bugs).
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call system(<...>) fixed the issue. Thanks so much! –  Bart Lantz Mar 11 '12 at 3:06

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