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I am creating a report with SQL reporting services. VS 2008 SQL 2008.

I created a filter for dates and distinct values. For dates I created two filters/parameters for date ranges and was able to successfully run the report on first click.

However when creating a filter for distinct values and drop down. I am unable to figure out how to run the reports on first click. It keeps forcing me to choose a selection. I want it to run on the first click with the "Select All" option already selected.

What am I missing? The Dataset query contains the dates while I added the drop down one through the GUI.

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Use these instructions to set default values. You'll want to use the Get values from a query option. Point the default parameter to the dataset that is being used to generate the list of distinct values.

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I was doing that but still nothing. However my dataset that was generating the unique list was allowing null and blanks. WHen I fixed that, that seem to do it. THere also seems to be differences between adding the parameters in the query of the dataset and not through the gui. A combination of these issue was causing my problems. THanks ALss well. –  fraygos Mar 9 '12 at 22:27

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