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In the standard "index" method of controller I set some value in the params hash in order to use it in the view if it's not initialized yet in other case do nothing.

def index
  params[:my_value] ||= {}

when I use include? method on the params[:my_value] in the view, there's an error evaluating nil.include?

Why there's such error if params[:my_value] cannot be nil. If it's nil, its value should be initialized with {}, that's what ||= operator does. What can be the problem here?

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why do you not just set an instance variable to use in your views like @params = params[:my_value] || {} –  cpjolicoeur Mar 9 '12 at 20:23
then why there's a params variable if we can define anything with the help of instance variables? –  Sergey Mar 9 '12 at 20:27

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The solution was in the merge method. It turned out that

a = b.merge(a) 


a.merge(b) {|key, v1, v2| v1 }

do different things and in the first case(which was wrong) nil appears somewhere. I haven't figured out yet why is it so because merge method always return a hash and when I replaced the first variant with the second everything was ok. So I don't see any problem...

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rails parameters exists upto request flow completes

You can access params inside view page going to be rendered but params will not be available if you are doing re-direction to another page inside controller action as it interrupts request flow.

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