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I am getting a crash inside win32 fn:: SHBrowseForFolder(). The code is as follows:

            BROWSEINFO   bi = {0}; 
	TCHAR   szDisplayName[MAX_PATH]; 
	szDisplayName[0]    =   ' ';

	bi.hwndOwner        =   NULL; 
	bi.pidlRoot         =   NULL; 
	bi.pszDisplayName   =   szDisplayName; 
	bi.lpszTitle        =   _T("Please select a folder :"); 
	bi.ulFlags          =   BIF_RETURNONLYFSDIRS;
	bi.lParam           =   NULL; 
	bi.iImage           =   0;  

	LPITEMIDLIST   pidl   =   SHBrowseForFolder(&bi);//crashes

The crash comes only in some XP machines and doesn't come on vista machines. Kindly suggest some solutions.


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Are you calling CoInitialize?

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It is working after using CoInitialize. Thanks a lot. –  sourabh jaiswal Jun 8 '09 at 10:18
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What is the nature of the crash? Are we talking a recoverable error, or an unhandled chip exception such as access violation? The ShBrowse functions typically invoke explorer in some fashion - is it the explorer that is crashing? Perhaps it is caused by some kind of shell addin? Did you initialize COM first? Maybe some external factor such as anti-virus?

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When I run it in debug mode it gives the following message :- "ExeName.exe has triggered a break point" –  sourabh jaiswal Jun 8 '09 at 9:59
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One reason is that szDisplayName is not null terminated!

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