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I am using jetty basic auth to authenticate my application. The problem is that I have to close the browser to clear the authentication. I am looking for a custom code to do the same.

In other words how to logoff/sign off one you have been authenticated by jetty basic auth.

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If I understand correctly, what I do in Firefox is select "Tools > Clear Recent History", check Active Logins, and click Clear Now. Took me a while to figure this out.

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Assuming you're asking what I think you're asking, then this is a browser question and not a Jetty question.

It sounds like you simply want a way to get your web-browser to forget your username/password. How you do that will depend on which browser you are using:

For Chrome read this
For FireFox try the Web-developer addon
Other browsers will probably have similar solutions.

If you want to do it from within the Jetty server, then that's much harder, but you can start reading here, here, here and here

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Please read this fantastic post on Basic Authentication. The answer is in the first paragraph.

How to force Jetty to ask for credentials after invalidating the session?

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