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I'd like know what is the way to connect to redis using php from scratch (without use a client like predis)?


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You can connect by using fsockopen and communicate by sending raw commands and reading server response:

$c = fsockopen('', 6379, $errCode, $errStr);

$rawCommand = "*2\r\n\$4\r\nEcho\r\n\$12\r\nhello world!\r\n";

fwrite($c, $rawCommand);

$rawResponse = fgets($c);
echo $rawResponse; // $12

$rawResponse = fgets($c);
echo $rawResponse; // hello world!

To use it this way, you should get familiar with Redis protocol:

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Using a raw TCP connection is one way.

You could easily reference the Predis code to see how they connect.

And that is basically a wrapper for : So I would reference that page for the most verbose info.

If I am not mistaken, it would be the same as making a TELNET connection in the command line and interfacing with Redis in that manner.

Hope that helps.

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You can look at this simple but full-functional implementation in pure PHP via sockets:

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