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So, I am working on a query which would get applicant's first_name_txt, last_name_txt or business business_name.

I am facing a problem while trying to concatenate the comma.

 when (credit_req_contr_requestor.requestor_type_id=0)
 then CONCAT(CONCAT(credit_req_contr_requestor.last_name_txt,'','') , 
 credit_req_contr_requestor.first_name_txt )
 then    requestor_business.business_name_txt end as applicant_name_txt

The reason I am giving two single quotes is because this query is run by a java sql loader, that breaks when it encounters a single quote.

But, when I run this query, it gives an error saying "invalid number of arguements". So, I added three single quotes ''',''' , but then applicant_name_txt would appear as Smith',' John.

I tried using || instead of concat, and it is the same issue there as well.

How do I get about this? How do I add that comma in between those two fields while displaying? Any other escape characters I can use?

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i hope you are not complaining that mystring = 'select ... 'bla' ...' is not working - because in that case you should escape Java String characters, not SQL - i.e. '... \'bla\' ...' or "... 'bla' ..." –  Aprillion Mar 9 '12 at 22:32

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If you need to completely avoid the use of a single quote (it seems very odd that a utility would break if fed a SQL statement that contains a string literal) you can do something like this

SQL> ed
Wrote file afiedt.buf

  1  with x as (
  2    select 0 type_id, 'John' first_name, 'Smith' last_name, null business_name
  3      from dual
  4    union all
  5    select 3, null, null, 'ACME Bolts'
  6      from dual
  7  )
  8  select (case when type_id = 0
  9               then last_name || chr(44) || chr(32) || first_name
 10               else business_name
 11           end)
 12*   from x
SQL> /

Smith, John
ACME Bolts
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this query is parsed by a java sql loader, which cuts the string short when it encounters the single quote, and hence the reason I am trying to use escape characters. –  roymustang86 Mar 9 '12 at 22:02
@roymustang86 - Updated my answer. –  Justin Cave Mar 9 '12 at 22:06

How about CONCAT(credit_req_contr_requestor.last_name_txt,CHR(44))

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