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After skimming countless nigh-identical web tutorials for sticky footers and reading all linked questions here and there, i only found one solution here, but not before i’ve already thought of one myself.

both work without javascript and adapt to any footer height; neither is clean.

  1. mine contains superfluous markup (one per header, footer and content, and one wrapper); and undefined CSS behavior (specifying a table row to have a height of 100% makes it consume as much space in firefox, not 100% of something like e.g. the screen height, like it possibly does in IE)

  2. the linked solution #3 contains enormous amounts of superfluous markup, even more than mine.

is there a less hackish version? i don’t care about medium-old browsers, as long as the newest stable versions of firefox and chrome support it, it’s fine.

PS: found a browser bug while experienting with flex-boxes

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