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I have this string

'john smith~123 Street~Apt 4~New York~NY~12345'

Using JavaScript, what is the fastest way to parse this into

var name = "john smith";
var street= "123 Street";
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With simple JavaScript:

var split = 'john smith~123 Street~Apt 4~New York~NY~12345'.split('~');

var name = split[0];
var street = split[1];

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You don't need jQuery.

var s = 'john smith~123 Street~Apt 4~New York~NY~12345';
var fields = s.split(/~/);
var name = fields[0];
var street = fields[1];
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You don't need to add regex to this simple replace. It will only make it slower if anything. You can change it to quotation marks for a simple string replace. –  Anish Gupta Aug 14 '12 at 11:05
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You'll want to look into JavaScript's substr or split as this is not really a task suited for jQuery

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Even though this is not the simplest way, you could do this:

var addressString = "~john smith~123 Street~Apt 4~New York~NY~12345~",
    keys = "name address1 address2 city state zipcode".split(" "),
    address = {};

// clean up the string with the first replace
// "abuse" the second replace to map the keys to the matches
addressString.replace(/^~|~$/g).replace(/[^~]+/g, function(match){
    address[ keys.unshift() ] = match;

// address will contain the mapped result
address = {
    address1: "123 Street"
    address2: "Apt 4"
    city: "New York"
    name: "john smith"
    state: "NY"
    zipcode: "12345"
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Could you explain how this works? –  Glycan Jul 16 '13 at 23:49
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Something like:

var divided = str.split("/~/");
var name=divided[0];
var street = divided[1];

Is probably going to be easiest

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well, easiest way would be something like:

var address = theEncodedString.split(/~/)
var name = address[0], street = address[1]
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If Spliter is found then only

Split it

else return the same string

function SplitTheString(ResultStr) {

    if (ResultStr != null) {

        var SplitChars = '~';

        if (ResultStr.indexOf(SplitChars) >= 0) {

            var DtlStr = ResultStr.split(SplitChars);

            var name  = DtlStr[0];
            var street = DtlStr[1];
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Zach had this one right.. using his method you could also make a seemingly "multi-dimensional" array.. I created a quick example at JSFiddle http://jsfiddle.net/LcnvJ/2/

// array[0][0] will produce brian
// array[0][1] will produce james

// array[1][0] will produce kevin
// array[1][1] will produce haley

var array = [];
    array[0] = "brian,james,doug".split(",");
    array[1] = "kevin,haley,steph".split(",");
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