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I've created an ontology using Protege and would now like to add individuals with Jena.

Let's say there is a class SpecialThing that has a property hasData. Now I'd like to programmatically add a new SpecialThing. That's my code so far, but the created individual is only an instance of Thing. So what do I have to add here? Using model.createResourceI can only specify the URI of the resource to be created.

String ns = "http://example.org";
Resource res = model.createResource(ns + "/NewThing"); 
Property prop = model.getProperty(ns + "#hasData"); 
res.addProperty(prop, "something"); 
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I have the same problem. Regardless of someone has already answered your question, I have a doubt. How do you set it directly to the .owl file? Do you know a tutorial for this task or can you publish the whole code? –  felipe.zkn Jul 3 '14 at 20:58

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You can specify the type of the resource as a second argument to the createResource() method. Take a look at ModelCon.createResource()

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There is OntModel.createIndividual() method which does that.

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