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I have installed Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express R2 with tools. In windows start menu now I have an option for SQL Server Management Studio. So I click on that and a dialogue window pops up asking me to connect to a server. I don't know what server to enter into here and all I want to do is create a new database so I can store some simple information in tables. I did press cancel on the dialogue box and looked around in the management studio but I couldn't find a "create new table" option or anything particularly like that.

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It's looking for <%ComputerName%>\SQLEXPRESS

If you don't know the name of your compter then...

Click Start
Right Click on My Computer
Click Properties
Click ComputerName tab

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I haven't played around with the manager studio in a while, but I hope this helps

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Use localhost as your server if you don't need to connect to an external server. Then in Object Explorer you'll be able to create new Databases and Tables within those databases

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