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I have 3 fields I am concatenating and it's working just fine in my query, but I cannot resolve how to remove the whitespace from the merged data in the concat field.

TRIM(CONCAT(c.data1,c.data2)) AS concat_done


33 0250S 0450E 028NW
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instead of

TRIM(CONCAT(c.data1,c.data2)) AS concat_done


REPLACE(CONCAT(c.data1,c.data2), ' ', '') AS concat_done
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Well I'm feeling a bit competent. I was just experimenting with REPLACE() and you nailed it. Worked perfect. Thx. Will accept your answer after 8 minutes (sys won't let me now). –  OldWest Mar 10 '12 at 4:57

add a REPLACE call:

REPLACE(TRIM(etc...), ' ', '')
                       ^--one space
                            ^-- no spaces
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haha, you got me by a couple seconds –  Chris Drappier Mar 10 '12 at 4:54

First of all, you should probably show your input as well as your output.

Second, trim() removes leading and trailing spaces, so it looks like you want concat(trim(var1), trim(var2)) rather than trimming the concatenated version, which now has the spaces on the inside.

update: Or, as the other answers say, just use replace(). But this is why trim() wasn't working the way you wanted.

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