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I have a bunch of images (just over 10,000) which I need to perform two tasks to in order to fill up a digital photo frame with photos that are the right dimensions. Any help would be appreciated.

Task 1: Delete any photos that are portrait and leave only landscape.

Task 2: Resize and crop remaining images to 800 x 460.

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Something like the following shell script.


for i in *.jpg;
    type=$(identify -format '%[exif:orientation]' $i)
    case $type in
    convert  $i     -resize 800x460^ \
          -gravity center -extent 840x460  $i_resized.jpg;;
    rm $i;;
    convert  $i     -resize 800x460^ \
          -gravity center -extent 840x460  $i_resized.jpg;;

For more information on cropping and resizing with ImageMagick see

ImageMagick v6 Examples -- Resize or Scaling

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