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I am parsing a file that has lines such as

type("book") title("golden apples") pages(10-35 70 200-234) comments("good read")

And I want to split this into separate fields.

In my example, there are four fields: type, title, pages, and comments.

The desired result after splitting is

['type("book")', 'title("golden apples")', 'pages(10-35 70 200-234)', 'comments("good read")]

It is evident that a simple string split won't work, because it will just split at every space. I want to split on spaces, but preserve anything in between parenthesis and quotation marks.

How can I split this?

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This regex should work for you \s+(?=[^()]*(?:\(|$))

result = re.split(r"\s+(?=[^()]*(?:\(|$))", subject)


\s             # Match a single character that is a “whitespace character” (spaces, tabs, and line breaks)
   +              # Between one and unlimited times, as many times as possible, giving back as needed (greedy)
(?=            # Assert that the regex below can be matched, starting at this position (positive lookahead)
   [^()]          # Match a single character NOT present in the list “()”
      *              # Between zero and unlimited times, as many times as possible, giving back as needed (greedy)
   (?:              # Match the regular expression below
                     # Match either the regular expression below (attempting the next alternative only if this one fails)
         \(             # Match the character “(” literally
      |              # Or match regular expression number 2 below (the entire group fails if this one fails to match)
         $              # Assert position at the end of a line (at the end of the string or before a line break character)
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Nice, although it seems to be adding some extra parenthesis in the returned list (I'm not sure where they're coming from either). I'm using py3. – MxyL Mar 10 '12 at 7:48
Try this: re.split(r"\s+(?=[^()]*(?:\(|$))", subject) – San4ez Mar 10 '12 at 7:50
@Keikoku fixed it. It is because of the capturing group. – Narendra Yadala Mar 10 '12 at 7:51

I would try using a positive look-behind assertion.



>>> import re
>>> result = re.split(r'(?<=\))\s+', 'type("book") title("golden apples") pages(10-35 70 200-234) comments("good read")')
>>> result
['type("book")', 'title("golden apples")', 'pages(10-35 70 200-234)', 'comments(
"good read")']
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Would not work if there are no parentheses in the input text such as test test test. – Narendra Yadala Mar 10 '12 at 7:58
The question already defined the format. test test test is not a possibility. – dave Mar 10 '12 at 14:33

Split on ") " and add a ) back to each element except the last.

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