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// AvgTemp.java

public abstract class  AvgTemp {

// This function receives nottification from other Temperature Sensors

public AvgTemp() {


public void notifyReceived(String  eventName, Object arg) {
if (eventName.equals("temperatureMeasurement"))  
                onNewtemperatureMeasurement((TempStruct) arg); 

public abstract void onNewtemperatureMeasurement(TempStruct tempStruct);

For receiving notifications, AvgTemp.java file has to subscribe to a temperature sensor. It means I have to call subscribetemperatureMeasurement().

Now, my question is "Where should I call subscribetemperatureMeasurement() in AvgTemp.java file, so I can get notification from Sensor?"

Should I call subscribetemperatureMeasurement() function in the constructor of the AvgTemp class or in somewhere else?

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When and how do you "know" about the Sensor? –  Guillaume Polet Mar 10 '12 at 12:45

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Looks like your question is missing Sensor skeleton, I guess it looks like this:

public class Sensor {
    public void subscribeTemperatureMeasurement(AvgTemp avgTemp) {
        //keep avgTemp reference for later use

and you have a choice between:

public AvgTemp(Sensor sensor) {

or (somewhere outside):

AvtGemp avgTemp = SomeAvgTemp();

The former approach has several drawbacks:

  • introduces unnecessary coupling from AvgTemp to Sensor

  • what if you want to subscribe to several sensors, you provide first one as a constructor argument and the remaining using the latter approach?

  • this reference escapes from the constructor, very bad, your notifyReceived might get called before the object is fully initialized (especially because this is an abstract class)

  • the AvgTemp cannot live without a Sensor which seems to strict and makes testing harder (mocking/stubbing required)

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